Last week I was performing at a debate about websibitionism. I worked together with another debater to bring some fire to the parts of the program that involved the public in a debate about the subject. If you can read Dutch, you can read more about the evening here.

The first scene involved a job interview. The employer confronted the candidate for the job with information he found on the internet. It involved private hobby’s, so the candidate thought it didn’t matter to the interview. The employer thought it was public, because it was on the internet. And it was relevant according to him, because it involved non-mainstream hobby’s like nudism and playing with trains. The employer claimed his clients would be looking as well and would want a good explanation just as he wanted now. Well, actually, me and the other debater pleaded for the employer and the candidate and the viewers participated. At first most were on the side of the candidate, but later on the majority was in favor of the employer. Most people agreed that the internet is public space and what you do there is out in the open. So you should not be surprised when somebody reads what you have written.

The second scene we participated in a debate about presenting misinformation on the internet. In other words, lying. Of course it is rather hard to make lying a legal issue, but sometimes one would like be able to do something about people clearly trying to mislead others, before they succeed. Legal action is the case of lying is now only possible in specific cases, to my knowledge.

The evening ended with two chats with everybody watching and participating. This was fun! During the first chat, we presented ourselves like who we were: people in a theater trying our luck in an online chat to.. just talk. During the second chat, we invented a 17 year old girl that was to be our online presence. It was rather shocking to see that instantly while joining a channel, we received 8! instant invivations for a private chat. We spent some time talking to a guy twice her age, but decided on disclosing part of the situation when the talk turned to breast sizes. We decided not to tell him a whole theater had been in on it, on the grounds that it would be to embarrasing for him. By the way, when we disguised as a 17 year old boy, we didn’t get any luck.. no private chats. Life’s not fair..

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