Software Developers Conference 2008

Last week, on the second day of the SDC 2008, I visited these sessions:

  1. Deep Dive into Entity Framework Object Services – Julie Lerman
  2. Developing Scalable Apps with Google AppEngine – Nik Kalyani
  3. WPF Data Binding – Brian Noyes
  4. Building a Service Oriented Enterprise System – Dennis Doomen

I will tell you in short what impression each session made on me. The first session was a deep dive into the Entity Framework Object Services, as promised. Julie held a very enthousiastic presentation about the subject. It was clear she knows her way around in it. But I am actually not that enthousiastic about the framework myself, it seems like a step back compared to similar offerings in the market, like NHibernate and LLBLGenPro. So this went a little bit to much into detail about it. I would have rather had her tell me why she is so enthousiastic about it in the first place. But, I must admit, I should not complain, because she presented precisely what the title mentioned.

The second session was very interesting and Nik is an enthousiastic and knowledgeable speaker. He actually made a web application in Python, together with us, with the development toolkit and deployed it ‘in the Google AppEngine cloud’, so to say. This went all quite fast, so most of it had already been presented when the beamer began showing irratic behaviour. A pity, but Nik made up for it telling us very vividly about the engine without the slides and answering the many questions that arose.

The session of Brian Noyes was thorough and decent. The subject was ok, although I think he showed us too many examples. Of course examples are necessary, but you need some background too. I would have rather heard his take on the subject, how he understood it. That is more interesting, in my opinion, because that is something that can help you actually remember and apply the examples later on.

The last session was very interesting again. The only one in Dutch, actually. Dennis knows what he is talking about and it shows. Lots of personal opinions about what to do and what not, mostly with some justification too. Having mastered the subject in that manner also makes him relaxed in presenting it. Questions, discussions, all is allowed. And when it is necessary, he moves on, so all subjects were touched upon. Very good and I will be going through the presentation and the example architecture he put up on his website again some time during the next couple of weeks.

All in all, it was an inspiring and interesting day. While I was not at the sessions, I could be found at the site of Sogyo on the conference floor. Sogyo is my employer and a silver sponsor of the SDC. I would like to end this post with my apologies to my colleague Pieter-Joost van de Sande: I did not attend his presentation. To my defense I would like to mention that I really would have liked to go, but I already knew a lot about his subject (Domain Driven Design fundamentals in .NET) and really wanted to see the presentation of Dennis..

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  • I forgive you. I’m sure I’ll give the presentation for Sogyo on a friday or so.

    It’s good to read that you enjoyed the SDC and make you reserve some time to eat with us next time đŸ™‚

     Comment by Pieter Joost van de Sande — Saturday, 18 October 2008 om 19:26

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