This site has been lacking in fresh content for some time now, as blogging has been somewhat lower on my list of priorities, since my new startup has been up there. Expect some revival, but that will definitely be in a new format. Until then, I will keep this site running, as some posts are quite well visited. And I might just write a short post every once in a while.

Credits for the nice picture of the bald eagle in the background go to Derek Bakken.



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  • That says about it. Hope you will use your self-declared skills to point us out some interesting remarks rather then killing though… But I´m confident you will. I like the blog and wish you all the best with it.
    Cheers, Ronald

     Comment by Ronald — Monday, 22 September 2008 om 21:01
  • Looks fresh, inspiring and with good intentions. Keep the good work up and put some value on the net…

    Greetz, AsicEagle.

     Comment by Paul — Thursday, 25 September 2008 om 08:06

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