As some have noted, it’s been a while since I’ve been blogging. This should be seen as a good thing, as I only blog when I have something noteworthy to mention and have the time to write it down properly. The latter was rather problematic, lately. The last couple of months have been really busy for me, due to several reasons. There’s one big personal reason, but it was also quite busy at work. The last couple of months I have been the project leader of a project with ever-changing specs and some interesting technical challenges, not the least of it, it’s CQRS architecture (or circular architecture, I should say). Any way, last but not least, I’ve switched jobs.

The company I’ve switched over to is called m-industries. It currently only has a single contact page at

We are working hard (yes, very hard, hence the single page) to create a great application for a big industrial client and at the same time extending and solidifying our framework, the one that we are building the application on. It’s a model-driven framework, using it’s own internal schema’s in a schema language that takes a bit of getting used to, but after that seems to be a really great fit for the needs of lots of (business) applications. If you are interested, please come by and visit us, so we can show you the real stuff.

If you are a developer looking for a place were innovation meets the metal, visit us for sure, especially if you are already into javascript!

Have a look at our stackoverflow job offering currently running:

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Python and the Google AppEngine at the CodeFest

On the first of april the first Devnology CodeFest took place. An interesting group of 16 enthousiastic developers gathered at the Sogyo farm to make an implementation of the Game of Life, the famous cellulair automaton, devised by Conway.

My goal for that night was to make an implementation of the Game of Life in Python and to host this in the Google AppEngine. A nice challenge, since my knowledge of Python did not go much further than that it is a whitespace-significant scripting language that prominently feautures the keyword def and that the language is developed by Guido van Rossom. Oh and of course that the language has now been quite popular for a few years at Google, probably not completely coincidentally about the same period of time that Guido has been working there. read more…

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