CQRS & the architecture coming along

In my previous blog post I made a proposal in the footnotes to rename the architecture that often comes along with the pattern CQRS. I thought of a “Circular Architecture” to clearly contrast it with a “Layered Architecture”. After a brief discussion with Greg Young and Alistair Cockburn about this I decided to take this idea under the microscope. They both claimed that the “Hexagonal Architecture” describes this architecture sufficiently. That got me thinking, since I respect both their opinions very much. First some definitions.

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Python and the Google AppEngine at the CodeFest

On the first of april the first Devnology CodeFest took place. An interesting group of 16 enthousiastic developers gathered at the Sogyo farm to make an implementation of the Game of Life, the famous cellulair automaton, devised by Conway.

My goal for that night was to make an implementation of the Game of Life in Python and to host this in the Google AppEngine. A nice challenge, since my knowledge of Python did not go much further than that it is a whitespace-significant scripting language that prominently feautures the keyword def and that the language is developed by Guido van Rossom. Oh and of course that the language has now been quite popular for a few years at Google, probably not completely coincidentally about the same period of time that Guido has been working there. read more…

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PDC: Azure and Oslo

Lots of new stuff at the PDC that is going on right now.. but Windows Azure (‘Windows in the clouds’) & Oslo generate the most buzz in the developers community. Windows Azure is of course Microsoft’s response to the c2 and s3 engines of Amazon, Google’s AppEngine and a few others. Interesting, but it will take a few years before enterprise software will be hosted outside of a company’s premises, I suppose. Oslo looks like an interesting meta-modelling platform and with the new M language, Microsoft makes their offering of modelling tools a lot more compelling, I think. Not every DSL lends itself to graphical editing with blocks and lines.

For some more coverage of the event, have a look at

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