No Exceptions made

In response to a finding during an internal project code review last Friday and an article in the latest Java Magazine we had an interesting discussion on the reasons for using exceptions. Eventually I supported two rules of thumb, one I had thought of myself, the other from a colleague of mine.

The following rules of thumb should be seen as in the context of a development platform that supports their use and a developer who uses as the following, basic rule for recognizing the situation to use an exception: use an exception if you cannot follow the normal execution path any more, in other words, if something extraordinary happens or has happened. read more…

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David vs. Goliath

In this post I will give my answer to the question where innovation takes place: in big or in smaller (ict-) companies? An all-or-nothing answer doesn’t seem feasible to me, because we all know examples of big as well as smaller companies that are innovative. But I still think it might be interesting enough to write a blog post about (of course), because I think some differentiation can be made. read more…

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This week I have been improving the template and content of the blog. On the index page, posts are only partly shown, to give a better overview of the content. A link to the form to add contents can now be found directly under every post. The link around the number to the left, right under the date, can still be used, but was not clear enough for most visitors.

After installing qTranslate (WordPress plugin), making some changes and translations to the template and adding some translated texts to the posts, the blog is now also available in Dutch. Making the translations does not take me a lot of time, I have noticed, and now more people can read it in their preferred language. I have been thinking about also posting in Spanish, but that would definitively have taken too much time…

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