Seminar Fixed price + Agile + DDD

During the evening of March the 17th, Sogyo will organize another technical seminar. In this one, Sogyo employees Rick van der Arend (that’s me!) and André Boonzaaijer will explain how we can handle the wishes of many of our customers to get an agile software project, in a domain driven way, but with a planned and fixed budget.

Experiences they have had in several recent projects will play a central role. Workshop techniques and several other activities you should undertake during the domain exploration phase will be presented. Next to that, Rick and André will answer the question: how do you fill and estimate the SCRUM product backlog up front? In short, this will be an interesting evening.

The seminar starts at 18:00 with a bite to eat and at about 19:00, Rick and André will start their intro. The program will last until about 22:00. Sogyo employees can subcribe to the seminar by sending an e-mail to If you are not a Sogyo employee, but you are interested in this seminar, please e-mail Anneke van Beek at

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Managers: can’t live with ‘m, can’t live without ‘m?

My eye was caught today by the article Rise of the anti-manager by Leo D’Angelo Fisher. Or, to be truthful, the Dutch version of that, on Infoworld. The main line of reasoning in the article is that currently, managers are not very good, getting worse and that companies should pay more attention to the quality of their managers. The article is of the ‘general and broad’ kind, so I will keep in line and follow the same style.

The writer of the article has made some quite clear observations with figures to back them up and I would be inclined to agree on them. However, there are some things I find lacking in the article. First of all, it does not mention the fact that there are so much more managers nowadays than before. And second, it fails to mention there are so many managers not doing anything productive. Just following procedures, making sure the forms are nicely filled out, etc. Actually, in my experience, a lot of them are just there as a sort of ‘filter’ or ‘web’ in between people getting actual work done and people with real decision making power. read more…

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